Love This Giant

The giant that adorns the cover of Giants of the Stage is not an unattractive person. In fact he is one of the most loved performers in the world. He is Joe Bari, an American Idol semi-finalist whose life has recently been tragically cut short.

The person on the cover is not some prettyfaced ingrate who gets type casted and subsequently rejected by everyone. This is one talented guy who had a meteoric rise to fame that seemed impossible to stop. He was a resident at one of L.A.’s most popularhotels and had just finished performing his second gig when he was gunned down by a former frontman of the World Famous Deadmau5 fan club. He had just stepped off stage to avoid an unknown rage who had followed him to the backlash after Deadmau5 embarrassed him during their performance. The haters began showering him with rocks as he played and sang for hours. He was safe for the time being in that hotel room, but the madness would not end there.

Other stars of the time would come forth and throw themselves sword in the air to emulate this rage. He would go on to scratch the walls of the hotel where he was staying with his band mates and scream and demand to know why he was exploding all over that beautiful place. The mystery as to his motive and why he picked up a guitar and vocal chords and began to rap would take another right turn. It was obvious that he had been pushed into the lime light and nothing would please him more. He was twenty-one years old and had not yet experienced much success with his singing. His dreams were reaching a fever pitch and he began to realize that he was the only one who could fulfill them. He knew that he was talented and determined to show the world what he was capable of.

Joe Bari would have many successfulitudes throughout his life. He was proud of who he was and what he accomplished. He was appreciative of his supporters and would hum humbly say thank you. He wasn’t going to let one bad day or one bad mistake get him killed. He felt very much relaxed and comfortable with his life and his career. He was going through one of the most peaceful times of his life and looking forward to a much more rewarding future.

All of this would change one day. One beautiful morning he would look out at the San Gabriel Valley and just remember the look of love he had seen the day before and what it told him about love and his life. It was a beautiful bluebird. He couldn’t hardly believe it because he knew that it was real and it was happening now. The memory would stay with him all day and he would think about it often. The look in his eye when he thought about love and his life would spark an idea for one of his songs. He would sing through day and night until the wee hours of the morning and he had almost no energy to keep himself awake. The idea for the song would drift into his mind and he would try to get it out through his guitar. Sometimes however it would not work without the piano helping him write it.

He had almost given up hope when he was about to give up his dream. One day while taking his morning smoke break he had an epiphany. He thought that maybe there were a few people who weren’t using their brains to think about things. He thought about it a little harder and that maybe he was missing the whole point. The epiphany hit him while he was taking a walk. He thought about all the different paths that he could take. There were a lot more than one way go. He thought about his set of ex-girlfriends and how they weren’t there for him. They had left him for one reason and that was simply because he was not taking action. He was not journaling and he wasn’t writing. He was too busy following instructions from somebody else. The cold, hard truth was that he was missing the action. He had no idea what action he could take to fulfill his dreams. But, like his ex-girlfriends, he was determined to please her. He was happy to have her as a part of his life but he didn’t treat her as his number one priority.

Joe didn’t grow up in a nurturing environment. He didn’t learn how to interact with people the way most people learn. Joe always had to have control over his emotions and over his life. Because of that, he found it hard to love. He also found it hard to forgive people. One of the main reasons for his anger and frustration was because he never learned to let other people grow and become whole people. He didn’t learn how to be sensitive or understand others. Because of that, he continued to behave in a confrontational manner. People could see that he didn’t like people and never seemed to have a good time with them.